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The frescoes

Thanks to its know-how, the Paint a Smile Foundation transforms cold and impersonal environments of healthcare institutions into a colourful, joyful and comforting universe. It provides a decor adapted to the medical environment and takes into account the colour layout, the signposting, the safety, and the accessibility of the premises. 

This approach is an innovative bridge between the medical world and the artistic world; and this meeting gives birth to veritable therapy support tools. With each new project, it provides doctors and nursing staff new means to take care of patients. 

For each project, topics are selected and adapted in situ by Smile Painters and medical teams. The fun and colourful subjects become pedagogical as required, and complete a therapeutic approach as in the image of the bear undergoing X-rays. The signposting patterns help provide bearings and give information about functions in various spaces and rooms. 

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