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The Artists

The Artist Painters

All artists are professionals, mandated and remunerated by Paint a Smile. They are of different nationalities and from various artistic backgrounds. A training period is provided by the Foundation to ensure their ability to work for several weeks in special and demanding environments. A team of seven artists works regularly for the Foundation. On average, each artist works 13 weeks per year on projects spanning across Europe. This consistency enables continuous quality improvement, in both artistic and therapeutic virtues of the decor.

The artists work as a team

The team is made up of model artists, colour specialists, graphic designers, illustrators and artist painters. This synergy between the human resources and skills is essential to achieve our objectives and renew our know-how. The team is placed under the responsibility of a project manager, who manages the design and realization of the decoration site.
Applied art school students are also regularly welcomed into the team in order to offer them the possibility of carrying out an internship in a medical environment.

The collaboration of artists

Our activity operates within a very demanding framework.
The quality of our decor applied to the medical cause is also the result of close collaboration with medical, educational and administrative teams. This exchange is essential: the team must understand perfectly the institution, its philosophy, and its objectives. It is the opportunity to consolidate the partnership in a common objective: contribute to the quality of care by providing relaxation, comfort, and tenderness in a context that can generate anxiety and withdrawal.

 Nos partenaires / Our partners
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