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Städtisches Krankenhaus - Kinderklinik 3/3
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Paediatrics wards

Städtisches Krankenhaus - Kinderklinik 3/3

Germany - Kiel
Decorated Unit:Soins intensifs pour prématurés et nouveau-nés
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" The artists of the Paint a Smile Foundation have completed a fantastic project in the intensive care unit for premature and new-born babies. This new decor is designed for parents as well as the nursing staff of the unit. The mother-child theme, transposed into the animal kingdom, offers a multitude of relational anecdotes between mothers and their babies. The paintings abound with imagination and a good dose of humour. They will stand the test of time as many of the details are only gradually revealed. And on closer inspection, it seems there are always new things to discover.
Prior to this project, the department depended heavily on its physical environment with its surveillance monitors, breathing apparatus, incubators, ... offering a very cold, technical, and hostile environment. The Paint a Smile artists have succeeded in removing the anxiety-inducing side of this technological material and magically created a warm and friendly atmosphere in this Unit. Parents, visitors, and the medical team benefit from this soothing and harmonising effect. During the realisation, the artists were very flexible and discreet. They were very sensitive to the daily life of the unit and managed their work around the availability of sites.  Over time, a friendly relationship developed with the artists and, still today, all the members of the team like to recall the time during which this wonderful project was realised. "

Claus Sieck
Médecin chef

Project realised thanks to the generosity of Herr Gunnar Wagner
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