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Centre Hospitalier Victor Dupouy
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Paediatrics wards

Centre Hospitalier Victor Dupouy

France - Argenteuil
Decorated Unit:Consultations et Hôpital de jour

Consultations : approximately 3,000 p.a.

Outpatients hospital : approximately 600 consultations p.a.





" Our paediatric department has been transformed: we have embarked on a trip to all corners of the world with the Paint a Smile team.
What a pleasure for the children that their time in the hospital is accompanied by friendly companions. A pangolin, a mandrill and an anteater can be found in a tropical forest in one of the consultation rooms. In another, polar bears, penguins and sea lions are having fun on the ice ... A little further in the outpatient clinic, we enter an astronomical observatory nestled in the trees with mice scientists in lab coats observing the starry sky through a telescope in the branches. In the paediatrics corridors, what a pleasure to move along with crocodiles in a canoe. So many rooms, so much travel.
Each corridor, each waiting or consultation room, each wall and ceiling swarm with details to be discovered by the children (and their parents). This warm and fun universe, which invites us to travel, helps our children to better accept the care provided. It envelops their care pathway with warm protection.
A huge thank you to Paint a Smile and its wonderful team of artists, who have left their mark on the walls of the Argenteuil paediatrics unit, these tender and comical travellers from the four corners of the planet that bring happiness to our young sick patients and the caregivers. "

Dr Philippe Bensaid
Department Head

Project realised thanks to the generosity of our partners
Fondation Jacques Tacussel     

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