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A typical project

The realisation of a decor is a milestone not only for patients but also for the service and its caregivers.

Reconnaissance of the Premises

The project manager carefully considers each request and visits the service awaiting new decoration in order to assess the number of painters and days of work necessary for its realisation. Such information becomes part of a presentation portfolio to be used in resource mobilisation.

Project funding

The Foundation works alongside institutions awaiting decoration to seek funds from partners, sponsors and potential donors.

The Team

Each team consists of a site manager, an equipment manager, one or more artist painters depending on the size of the unit to be decorated, and a project manager.

The site manager is responsible for overseeing the team. (S)He is also the on-site representative of the Paint a Smile Foundation throughout the project. Before being appointed to this position, (s)he must have realised more than fifteen projects as an artist painter.

The equipment manager is responsible for the logistical support to the team and for the preparation of materials.
Finally, the project manager coordinates the exchange between the hospital and the on-site team. (S)He is also responsible for all administrative aspects of the project.


Each project starts with an introductory meeting of the Paint a Smile team to caregivers in order to assess the needs of the unit and to define the thematic decorations. This essential dialogue with physicians and the nursing staff allows for the adaptation of the Foundation’s know-how to different types of pathologies.
At a second meeting, artist painters submit paper drafts to the Board of the unit for validation. Artist painters then begin their work on the walls of institutions, attended by patients and caregivers, without any changes in the organisation of services.
Thus are born our decors, true therapeutic tools that transform walls into wonderful colourful scenes!


An inauguration is organised at the end of each project in the presence of the artist painters and the medical staff to thank the partners and all those who contributed to the realisation of the project.

"Paint a Smile's graphic universe" was created to adapt to the needs of persons in hospitals and institutions. It is also validated by doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. The harmonious and therapeutic outcome depends on our ability to unite in "a single brush”.

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